A lifelong passion for the kitchen: this is the story of Oliver Glowig. His love for this art was born when, still a kid, accompanies his father to try new restaurants. The choice to attend the hospitality training institute was an almost unavoidable option and, after his studies, Oliver had the chance to live important experiences working in Munich with Otto Koch at the restaurant “Le Gourmet”, then at the restaurant L’Acquarello, with Mario Gamba, in the same city. His wish to deepen the knowledge of Italian cuisine let him to move to the “Bel Paese” for a season, where he ad the opportunity to work with Gualtiero Marchesi.
In 2001 he lands in Capri and the year after he start his new adventure at L’Olivo as Executive Chef; my experiences follow in Italy and abroad during which he cooperates with Sergio Mei and Alaine Ducasse, among the others. It is in Capri that he builds his fame, working constantly to the quality of the ingredients, recovering tastes and flavours of the Mediterranean tradition. The excellence of the raw materials, fundamental for a high level cuisine, has to get along with fantasy, passion and preciseness. All these skills persuade Oliver, who is able to combine discipline and precision descending from his German origin with Italian creativity and inventiveness. The natural consequence of this path is the Michelin Star he is awarded with in 2004 followed, in 2008, with the second one: a deserved praise to the dedication, the fantasy and the constant commitment of this young chef.

The beautiful sceneries of Capri island, by whose charm all the creations of the chef are permeated, the extreme variety and the quality of the typical products of our beautiful peninsula, this is the starting point of Oliver’s passion for Italian cuisine.
In 2010 he moves to Rome, in the beautiful setting of Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, where he starts a new adventure simply named after him “Oliver Glowig”: here he confirms his two Michelin stars and begins his trip to new realities, pushed by his passion for cooking and, over all, by the desire to bring the culture and the pleasure of the real Italian cuisine abroad.


Ambassador of the Italian gastronomic culture, Oliver is committed to mentor new apprentices who help him in his project to export the concept of Mediterranean diet in the world, from Ristorante “Primavera” by Oliver Glowig at The Ritz-Carlton in Bahrain, to to “Toca” in Toronto, they all have in common the research for the good raw material – pasta, olive oil, cheeses, wines – valued and reinterpreted with respect and wisdom and, finally, enriched by a touch of creativity, another typical Italian ingredient, fundamental when it comes to invent new and surprising chromatic combinations.