Born in Germany with Italy in his heart. Oliver Glowig fell in love with Italy 20 years ago. A great love ties Oliver to his Italian wife and the produce and flavours of this country, the ones he had made his own and he brings along with him every day.

First arrival in Italy is at the Quisisana Grand Hotel in Capri, under the guidance of Gualtiero Marchesi. Having earned his first Michelin Star at the Acquarello Restaurant in Munich, he comes back to the island of Capri at the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa, where, he leads his kitchen brigade towards 1 and then 2 Michelin stars in few years. In 2011 he moves to Rome, working in a place named after him at the Aldrovandi Hotel Villa Borghese. The success is immediate, resulting in 2 Michelin stars.


At Locanda Petreja, which is named after the Gens Petreja who inhabited the Castrum during the Roman Age, it is possible to taste some traditional recipes revisited by the innovative touch of Chef Oliver Glowig, who undersigns all the dishes on the menu, and is twice Michelin-starred and passionate about Italy and its exquisite products.

In the Umbrian hills, with their silver-shaded olive groves, lies in all its charm Borgo Petroro ,a new Country House located in the castle of the same name, just a short walk away from the town of Todi with all its magic.

This lovely area of Umbria not only offers a relaxing atmosphere, but also a variety of unique local dishes that can be rediscovered and savoured at Locanda Petreja.